Brisbane City Council Zipline DA Responses
Closed on Friday 14th December 2018
Total BCC DA Submission Count: 3600
Submissions against the Zipline: 90%
Organisations that creates submissions against the Zipline: 22
Likely combined membership and supporter numbers: 15,000.

Submissions for the Zipline: 10%
We are advised that approx. half of these came from the Zipline Australia Website.
Of the remaining numbers, many simply said that they wanted a zipline and not specifically at Mt Coot-tha.
True submissions in favour of the Mt Coot-tha Zipline: 3% or much less.

DOGIT Title Deed
DNRME Minister "Proposal Inconsistent with DOGIT parkland"
Land Act S35 DOGIT

Mt Coot-tha Quarry
Ban The Blasting
Mt Coot-tha Local Residents
Complaint to DES DG
Cairns Council Closes Zipline